How To Write A Winning Resume


A Resume(pronounced rezumei) is a summarized document that contains your work history, skills and educational details and qualifications.

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It is that document which differentiates you from the rest of the lot when seeking a job. Probably the first thing a Human Resource Personnel will scan through when he receives your job application.

Importance of Resume: A well crafted RESUME earns you an interview. Simple, nothing complicated about the statement. But what does a well crafted resume mean?

How to make it stand out? Is building an efficient resume that tough? These are a few questions that you are confronted with when you are creating it.

Strictly speaking writing an efficient resume is an art. So much so that many people are making a career out of it. The art of writing a curriculum vitae needs to be mastered by everyone.

No one needs to be gifted to write a CV. The skill of writing a bio-data can be developed with a little practice every day before you start job hunting.

Like mentioned in one of my previous articles first impression is the best impression. A CV is a virtual image of your personality. Remember an employer is looking at your image in the document and it must be convincing enough to ask you for an interview.

A cult CV and you sure have a job beckoning you. So I hope you see the importance of this document.

Resume Writing: All of us can write it but only a few of us can write an effective one. The main objective of a good bio-data is to put forth your skills in front of the potential employer in an informative, interesting and catchy way.

1.The heading has to be apt.

  • Make your name stand out in the heading.
  • Include the relevant contact information.
  • Mention your job objective and your motto in life.

2.Begin with an assertion of your achievements.

  • Mention about your total qualification level.
  • Use catchy phrases about the progress and transition of your career.
  • Make sure your heading, objective, and qualifications look like a part of the main curriculum vitae

3.Boast about your past.

  • Show your work flowchart highlighting your strengths.
  • Use specific dates to assert an achievement.
  • Try to cleverly cover your gaps in your work history.
  • Add any kind of valid internship and voluntary experience possessed.
  • Make sure your past is understood upon a glance.

4.Education history and credits

  • Mention your entire educational history.
  • Highlight achievements as a student.
  • Mention about the extracurricular activities you were associated with.
  • Responsible positions that you took up as a student and your accomplishments as a leader.

5.Final Touches

  • Do not make it overly simple or too exaggerated.
  • Mention only your achievements in a flattering manner.
  • Check for any grammatical errors.
  • Make sure you have the right font types and styles.
  • Finally make sure you have the right document for the concerned employer.

Making a Resume Impactive

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Making your bio-data impactive is the ultimate key to getting a job. Merely putting down your qualifications and achievements would not attract the attention of the employer.

An employer does not bother to go through all applications he receives. He only chooses a selected few and he goes through each one in may be 50 seconds.

So, it needs to be so impactive that it leaves a mark.

Making your Resume Impactive: So, how can you actually manage to get the attention of an employer with a two page document amidst such fierce competition.

Let us look at a few tips –

  • Graduates freshly out of college should make sure to add all the academic qualifications and achievements in detail.
  • Also, prepare it in the way the job demands highlighting the respective skills.
  • In case, you are applying for a new job make sure you list all your professional accomplishments and previous job history as per the employer’s requirements.
  • The objective or aim you mention should be clear and concise. Make sure the employer understands immediately what you are focusing on.
  • Non-clarity in objective would give an employer the impression that you lack focus.
  • Remember when listing your accomplishments do not go into it’s details. This would make ta bulky doc and the employer might miss important points in the pandemonium.
  • Highlight only those that really matter to the job.
  • Usage of bullet points can make it very legible and readable. Remember an employer prefers to go through a CV that is friendly to his eyes and the one which does not take much time to read.
  • Lay emphasis on the format that you want to use. Follow a certain chronology and bring clarity to it.
  • Never forget to attach a cover letter. Be positive and confident in your cover letter and create an urge in the employer to go through resume thoroughly.

Making your resume impactful can be achieved by following the above tips. Remember an effective bio-data would at least get you an interview which is your first step to success.


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