Does Pregnancy affect a Woman’s Career?


Women are now much interested in pursuing a career. Being educated and well-qualified, they naturally would like to utilize their talents in productive way. They would like to take up challenging jobs along with men and prove that they are no less in many ways from them.

Unlike men, they have to shoulder responsibilities at home as well as on the office front. They have to bear children if there are married and also have to take care of their likes and dislikes of their husbands. It proves to be a heavy burden for them to cope with pressures as a wife, mother and an employee.

How pregnancy affect’s a woman’s career?
Although many women are remaining single to pursue career, there are others who would like to set up home by rearing children. They opt for marriage as well, although they try their level best to focus on their career interests as well.

For a career woman having children means taking time off from work. Well established companies do provide maternity leave benefits and ensure that their women employees are able to take on the responsibility of being a mother comfortably.

pregnancy careerPregnancy means one is away from work. It could be a tough time as one has been actively involved in whatever one was doing and now one has to take it easy. The pleasure of delivering your child is there, but one has to make some compromises, at lest for while.

Much would depend upon the physical health of the woman after delivery as to when she can start work again. Of course with a small baby to take care, it is not easy for her at her workplace. Nevertheless, once back at work she would prefer to concentrate again on her career.

Does pregnancy hinder a woman’s work?
Many employers often hesitate to recruit women as they feel that pregnancy may keep them away from work But the policy of equal opportunity does not permit employers to discriminate against women.

Pregnancy is a trying period for a woman no doubt. But a married woman would like to have child and later on continue with her work. At a later point her relationship with her husband can get strained as she may find it difficult to balance work and home. A husband may complain that his working wife is concentrating more on the career than looking after the baby at home. Sometimes this strained relationship could result in divorce.

Health also must cooperate for a woman who has delivered a child. Any pregnancy complications can keep her away from work for a longer period of time.

It is quite obvious that although working woman would like to be a mother, it is a difficult time for her as she has to at least for a while keep away from her career pursuits.



  1. I would’ve never put away my pregnancy time to pursue a career, I know a lot of woman do. I instead had my baby and stayed home and open a home business to help my husband and to spend more time with my baby even though I had to completely change my career.

  2. My girlfriend is pregnant were not sure how long, she’s been upset with me, and she wants out of the relationship and kicking me out, does the pregnancy have anything to do with this. Also she does not want to keep the child however does want to start in the future, she has her associates and continuing to get her bachelors and maybe even more. She has a good job, however i don’t, but she’s not into me for money, cause i can handle the home, as women have done for generations now. I’m afraid that she’s making the wrong decisions. While I am aware of the education and career goals.

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