10 factors that can Motivate You in Career


careerMotivation to work is essential to be successful in any career. Motivation is the drive to get things done. One is on the go all the time. The desire to complete a task on hand must be there to achieve substantial results.

Every employer looks for a motivated staff. Even actors and actresses are motivated to perform well. Athletes have to win the race. Without motivation they cannot win the race.

Motivation helps a person to recover from ill-health. Recovery from surgery can be faster if a patient is motivated to get well soon. The thought of recovery can make a sick person face his or disease with boldness.

Not only adults need to be motivated, but children as well. Motivation is indeed essential be a winner and a go-getter. Monotony can be overcome if one is motivated.

Those who have attained fame in life have been motivated to reach their goals and achieve what they desired most. Martin Luther King wanted to eradicate discrimination. against the Blacks and he was motivated to work towards that goal. Mahatma Gandhi wanted freedom for India and he worked towards that end. He was motivated by the concept of self-determination for India and being subservient to the British.

How to be motivated in Career?

  • One must have necessary zeal and enthusiasm to be motivated.
  • Self-confidence is essential to feel motivated that one completes the task on hand.
  • A mentor who can guide you and also motivate you as well.
  • One should be excited about the task or goal on hand. Excitement motivates a person.
  • Positive outlook also helps.
  • Determination to win.
  • Hard work also motivates a person to perform well.
  • Well-wishers can also motivate a person.
  • The inner drive to do things.
  • Self-motivation is also necessary.

Motivation is the driving force behind a person’s success. Without it, one cannot attain heights.



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