Paggu interview with Funpiper’s Founder Ajitesh Shukla


An interview with founder Ajitesh Shukla.

Paggu: “How was your weekend?” was your concept. How it got changed?
Ajitesh: has evolved into event & parties portal in last two years solely based on the feedback of the users and what users would like to see. Thus, in the start, the site was primarily a micro-blogging website which asked its users “How was your weekend?”. Then it evolved as a weekend planning portal. And, then it evolved as event & parties planning portal which allowed users to do weekend planning. And, finally today, it covers all aspects of event management, which is PLAN, PROMOTE & BROADCAST

Paggu: How many heads are going into funpiper?
Ajitesh: Currently the team includes three persons. Some contributing full time and others part time.

Paggu: Who are your competitions.
Ajitesh: Direct Competitors include,,, etc.

Paggu: How you plan to take up with your competitions?
Ajitesh: By partnering with institutions, event management companies, event managers

Paggu: What are the new features coming up with funpiper?
Ajitesh: Some of the new upcoming features include enhanced widgets, social applications

Paggu: What are funpiper widgets?
Ajitesh: funpiper widgets allow event owner to promote their event on blogs and websites by embedding HTML code. Also, widgets allow event owners to provide a quick means to website/blog visitors to join event easily. These widgets provide quick info on event.

Paggu: What is twitfunr?
Ajitesh: twitfunr is a twitter-based service which is integrated with event planner and lets you do following while you are planning your event:

  • Post event information on Twitter.
  • Post event messages on Twitter from personalized event page.
  • Broadcast event proceedings live on Twitter as well as personalized event page from mobile phone.

Paggu: What is your revenue model?
Ajitesh: Subscription and advertisement based model

Paggu: What are your future plans?
Ajitesh: Future plans include signing up with partners to cover their event and provide them with event management solution.

Paggu: Any Suggestions for new Entrepreneurs?
Ajitesh: Don’t lose sight of the vision; Focus on Karma and Have faith! It will definitely work out for you.

Website: Funpiper
Founder: Ajitesh – B.Tech(IIT KGP)/1999/Energy Engg.
About: Event & Parties planning portal which allows users to do weekend planning. It covers all aspects of event management, which is PLAN, PROMOTE & BROADCAST.


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