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First it was “How was your weekend?” then it got a new avatar where the website was everything about “Plan, Promote & Broadcast Events” and now it is all about “Event Sponsorship”. All this happened in last 3 years. Well, let have some insight into what the website is all about.

In existing scenario, event owners primarily sell logo impressions on various media form to their sponsors. Different forms of sponsorship such as title, principal, associate etc are related with displaying logo impressions in different form of media including but not limited to hoardings, websites, paper ads, magazines, emails and recently SMSes. In return, sponsors get associated with the event and enhance their brand awareness among event audiences. However, with logo impressions as primary benefit, sponsors have been finding it difficult to measure some of the following:

  • Whether their brand was able to connect with the consumers effectively
  • Whether there has been a positive impact on their overall business growth based on a series of sponsorship investment made over a period of time

The present launch of which is still in its Alpha Version is going to benefit both the event owners and sponsors in some of the following manners:

  • Event owners would be able to run custom interactive ad campaigns for their sponsors on their websites as well as partner websites and gather feedback, polls, surveys, Q&A data for their sponsors
  • Event audiences participate in these campaigns and win big prizes in return
  • Sponsors get a set of reports from event owners on consumer activity as a result of participation with campaigns
  • These reports could be used by sponsors for measuring & planning their sales & marketing initiatives associated with different products and, have a positive impact on overall business growth

Well the website is not yet complete but it is nearing completion. I will be updating more about the website once it goes into beta.


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