Winning Strategies – Zeal to Win


Everybody wants to win. In a race, you would like to be first. In a business venture, you would like to make the highest profit. In sports event you would like to win the coveted cup. In other words you would always like to be winner. But is it easy to be one?

What makes a Winner Win?
The zeal to win is very essential. One must not do things half-heartedly. A person who does not apply his or her mind completely to a given event or situation and wants success cannot win much.

Enthusiasm is necessary to achieve a particular goal. One must be determined to win. The spirit of joy should be there.

Athletes, be it tennis players, or soccer players, always begin their challenge with the spirit to win. They challenge their opponents throughout the game, and they know that if they keep their spirits high they can win their game. Even if they are losing, they still would like to make that extra run in order not to be a bad loser.

The Spirit of Enthusiasm
The coach of a game always develops the spirit of enthusiasm among his players. He wants his players to play with a lot of zeal. Similarly, the manager or team leader in an organization tries to motivate his or her staff or team members to perform well. To be a winner in any field one has to take special interest in what he or she is doing.

Goals can be reached easily if one has the zeal to reach them. Targets can be achieved and one can complete one’s task quickly. An air of competitiveness prevails, and the person who wants to be a winner from the start will make it to the finish line.

In a group or a team all members need to have the zeal to win. If one lacks in it then the whole team suffers. In work culture a well motivated and enthusiastic staff can bring about results.

Zeal is very essential to be a winner. One must undertake a task or assignment with a positive approach to achieve results. Then only one can be a winner!


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