Why WIN? – The Motive behind Winning


winnerWe all want to win. Whether it be a game or at work place we work hard in order to defeat others and thus be winner. The urge to win makes us strive harder than usual. Not all win, but some do, perhaps the will and determination to win makes it easier to reach the set targets and goals.

Reaching the finish line is tough. It requires much effort. The desire and will to attain heights needs to be there. One must feel a winner.

But the question that arises is why win?

The motive behind winning
Being a winner makes one feel good. He or she is on the top of the world. Whatever one undertakes, one would like to excel in it. No one wants to lag behind. To win over others makes one feel triumphant and victorious.

If one loses out then demoralization sets in. In case, one wins then one’s confidence levels go up. One feels more energetic to do things. In fact, one feels like taking on more challenges in life as one feels that one can be a winner.

Benefits of being a winner

  • More self-confidence.
  • Enhances the desire to complete a task on hand.
  • Willing to face competition.
  • Proud of one’s achievements.
  • Better self-esteem.
  • More acceptances in society.
  • Appreciation from peer group.
  • Role model for others.
  • Builds up confidence to take on further challenges.

A competitor would like to win. Whatever challenges he or she takes on one must be complete it successfully.


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