Why Should a Woman be Economically Independent


Women have become more assertive in today’s modern world. They are shouldering family responsibilities and are on par with men in taking care of themselves socially and economically. They are successfully earning their livelihood and are striving hard to become economically independent.

Economically Independent Women
In present changing scenario, it is important for women to be economically independent. She has to carve a niche for herself in this male-dominated society and unless and until she is financially independent, she cannot overcome male prejudices. A woman of conviction and courage is the image she has to create. Why the urgency for a woman to be economically independent?

Should a Woman be Economically Independent
Women have been subservient to men for generations and are now realizing that they need to make avail of opportunities that men generally take advantage of. Educationally, they are progressing well, and even in the developing countries women are better educated than before. With better education, women are also asserting themselves and want to be in a position where they can sustain themselves economically.

Men cannot exploit a financially independent woman. Due to lack of education, women are unable to earn their livelihood. Anti-social elements take advantage of this and force them into flesh trade. International gangs operate which are on the lookout for vulnerable women, who, when left in the lurch, fall into their trap. If women can earn then they can avoid such pitfalls.

Internationally, much concern has been expressed about equipping women financially. In the U.N., resolutions have often been passed expressing economic independence of women. Women social activists have fought for this cause. They have always supported women who are financially independent. Discussions have been held at international forums highlighting the condition of women in socially and economically backward countries. In these countries, women are struggling to meet both ends. They are financially very poor.

What Necessitates Women to be Economically Independent
Modern lifestyles have forced women to take on employment. Inflation has necessitated women to supplement the family income. Both the husband and wife run the household together. In some cases, the women are forced to shoulder the responsibility of taking care of their families. Her husband for some reason may not be a contributor to the family income, and she has to earn to sustain her husband and children. Economic pressures compel her to earn.

Single women also have to be financially independent. In fact, these days many women are not marrying and pursuing careers. They are earning well and even take on the responsibility of adopting a child. They are able to sustain a family of their own sans marriage. Widows also have to financially support themselves. In the poorer countries, many widows are forced into prostitution as they are not financially independent.

In order to assert themselves, vis-à-vis men, women have to be economically independent. In personal relationships, they can have their way if they are also earning. They have a job to fall back upon if the husband is very unreasonable and makes too many demands. In the developing countries women are often hesitant to live in a joint family arrangement and since they can sustain themselves financially they have the option to choose a nuclear family system.

Women who can earn can avoid poverty. Many illiterate women face economic hardships. They live off what the Government provides and that is not sufficient in these days of economic hardships. Opportunities are there to earn more and women need to take advantage of them. Adequate awareness campaigns have been organized to familiarize women with the economic options that are available to them. Sufficient information is available through the media about economic empowerment of women.

Women need to be economically independent. They cannot continue to live subservient to men. They have to also gain access to the opportunities available within the society and better their lot. Women are a force to reckon with in these changing times. Men are also willing to accept them as constructive contributors to society. A woman is now trying to be a step ahead of men. Let us hope for the best.


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  1. This is an excellent article; it should be seen as many women worldwide as possible. It brings to the fore the point that women must liberate themselves and that education will help them to do that. What I would have liked to see is a clear nexus made between the empowered woman and the successful whole family. Too often, the empowered woman is associated with the single parent family. We need to find a way to let men and women understand and accept that two empowered, enlightened working adults can contribute to society by jointly raising a family with equal responsibility in all aspects of that venture. As a single parent of two by , I know the challenges of being the sole provider and do not advocate single parenthood. I am a business professional in a lesser developed country and have successfully raised my children as a single parent,but not all single people are successful at this and our societies are suffering for it. It is unfair to the children and unfair to the single parent. It does not make for a wholesome society.

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