Why Do you require a Mentor and what does he Do?


The mentor plays an important role in one’s performance levels. The guidance and advice given by the mentor who guides a person to the finishing line are essential in order to be a winner. Every individual who wants to attain heights needs a mentor, someone who is more experienced and well–versed in the area of work or field

An athlete needs a person to guide him or her in order to win. The expert advice given by the mentor enables him or her to perform well in the sport. The team leader is the person who chalks out the strategy. For example, an aspiring tennis player seeks guidance from his or her coach, who has the necessary expertise to ensure that the respective athlete performs well.

Why a mentor?
A mentor is somebody who shares his knowledge and experience with the aspirant. He or she guides the aspirant to make sure that the aspirant performs well in his or her arena of work. Well-known athletes, actors, and even in the corporate world, one has a mentor to help.

What does a mentor do?

  • Strategize. Chalks out a working plan that can hopefully ensure victory.
  • Guides the aspirants.
  • Shares his or her expertise and knowledge.

What qualities should a mentor have?

  • Leadership qualities.
  • The ability to guide the aspirant well.
  • Expertise in the respective area of work.
  • Knack for futuristic predictions.
  • Should be able to assess what makes one win.

Benefits of having a mentor

  • Chances of being successful are higher.
  • Easy to win.
  • Expertise provided helps one to reach the finishing line as a winner.
  • For a beginner, it is as a stepping stone for a bright future.
  • The mentor is a role model to emulate.

A mentor is essential in every sphere of work or game. One needs an experienced person to guide them well, otherwise it is difficult to win.


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