What is the Definition of Development


What is the definition of Development? Development is always a positive word. It is used to describe anything that has improved weather it’s pertaining to people’s achievement, personality, business, technology, establishments and others.

Definition of Development
What is the definition of development? It is a noun and pronounced as [dih-vel-uhp-muh nt]. The first definition pertains to growth, example human or child development. The second one “a significant result or occurrence”, like latest developments in technology. The other definitions are relevant to a condition or type, music as to stage plays and music transitions. It also pertains to a group of establishments such as buildings, house, apartments wherein developers makes new designs, developing each building to be more modern.

Development simply submits to everything. It can refer to the use of lands like environmental insinuation, landscaping, buildings, renovations, housing, urban preparation, and land transportation. In science and technology, it can refer to engineering and computer science, geometry, biology, developing drug medications, energy sources, maturity, photographic, software and such. Development also refers to social science from developmental studies to youth development; internal and regional, from developmental banks to funds and aids; business and professionals, like fundraising, training, organization, development of the new product to self development; in terms of music, it can refer to the composition, sound and design.

What is the definition of development and where did it originate?
Development was first heard during the year 1756 which means “unfolding”. In 1885, it pertains to properties which mean “to bring out and introduce the dormant potentials”; this is to make use of assets that have been left untouched to make it useful. During 1902, the word development meant “the state of economic progress”. Even before, this word always denotes optimism and certainty.

The word development is so broad that even famous personalities like Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, and US President Barack Obama used it as part of their speech and make a development quotation.

However, there will be no development if there is no movement. What is the definition of development if we can not accept the changes may occur? This is the reality and we can not bring back the old days. Technology, for instance, it is very easy for us now that we have mobile phones, laptops, and other gadgets. Before we need to find a phone booth to call someone but now, thanks to the superb development in technology, you can now easily communicate with family, friends, and co-workers in your area or in other parts of the world by the use of a mobile phone and internet. This is just a sample on how technology has developed over time.

Whatever the reason for the change, we have to embrace and face the advancement. Development is good in many ways; it may pertain to our well being, knowledge, pieces of machinery, food, surroundings, and others. This only means that we gain progress. Development does not happen overnight, it takes time and effort, so when there is growth, expansion, and improvement, let us all be thankful because development will make our lives easier.

What is the definition of development? It is plain and simple, CHANGE!


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