Top 5 Ways to Motivate a Winner


winnerWho does not like to win? Losing out on a venture or game causes much disappointment and unhappiness. One wants to win at all cost. Is it easy to be winner? No not at all. It requires determination, will power and hard work to make it to the finish line.

A winner has to be motivated. His mentor has to constantly make him or her feel that he or she can win. Motivation is necessary to achieve a particular task. One must want to win. The zeal to win can make one put in the necessary effort to succeed over others.

How to motivate a winner?

  • One must make him or her feel that he or she has all the requisite qualities to win over others.
  • The mentor should boost the confidence levels of the person who is trying to win.
  • The competitive spirit in him or her should be triggered.
  • To win one needs to practice hard. The would-be-winner has to put in the necessary efforts to reach the set target. He or she to be motivated to do so.
  • The drive to win is generally there on account of recognition or in the form of a reward. The winner has to be motivated to attain these.

Can a winner be a winner at all times?
A winner cannot always be a winner. He or she cannot take things for granted. He or she has to always strive hard. Any laxity can make him or her lose the race. In other words, he or she has to be motivated at all times to win the game or succeed in the venture.

Why motivate?
Motivation is the drive to do things. Without it one will not be able to reach their goals. A person often lacks the will to win a race. He either does not take the matter on hand very seriously or feels diffident. He or she has to be motivated by highlighting his or her talents and skills. He or she must be made to feel that he or she can win.

A winner is a well motivated person. He or she is full of confidence and knows he or she can make it ahead of others.


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