Rewrite Rules, Readjust Strategies


Rahul Gandhi – Stutterer, who couldn’t speak 2 full sentences in a row. They wrote him off as young MBA junkie who would squeak in this mad and bad Indian politics world. This cool headed guy, quietly ran his agenda moving in ignorant villages, reaching to ignorant downtrodden pitiable penniless people, whom even chaukidaar in cosmopolitan world won’t blink to, shook hand & gave hope to people.

His tactics were written off as immature novice approach. Turn page to 16th May 2009, a new dawn in Indian politics. What even the biggest forces was not able to see, he astonished all & suddenly, the whole world is over him.

IPL 2009 – Two lowest team Deccan & Bangalore of 08 – Two out written old men of cricketing world – Anil Kumble & Adam Gilchrist. They say only guys of 20s rule 20-20, ha ha ha.. The rules are re written, strategies readjusted, because the warriors are never say die rangers (cowboys of 22nd century). Kumble > didn’t turn the ball like Murli or Warne, but he did outsmart everyone. Gilchrist the another man never captained his Australian side. Now we could easily understand why Australia ruled for 2 decades.

So, if you hold on to your principles, faith in whatever ability you have, & strike every time given an opportunity – u can outsmart even in your 90s. You just got to have the eyes to realize – Newton’s apple is always falling.


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  1. how true…e.g innumerable to see. . but Its How U Apply That Counts…Just Seeing Rakesh Roshan,The Director. . If He Wd ve Taken His Flop movies to the the core of his heart. . . but Now Its reality For Us To be Seen How conquers All & Sundry with His directions. . Its All Bt how U innovate & Improvise Ur life. . the Only Life U get to See So Close. . . Chow

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