Mobile advertising – The Potential and the Opportunity


Advertiser wants precisely targeted audience

Mobile advertising is going to move beyond text and content. In fact the real potential of mobile advertising could be seen once rich media is available on it. Media like video and TV is going to provide better user experience in personalized environment hence better impact advertisements. After all mobile phone is very personal and reaching consumers in their personal space is going to be very special. A place where other media has failed to reach.

In present times text messaging is the biggest medium in the mobile advertising space. The other mediums like ads in content (pull advertisement) are picking up but I don’t feel that they are going to come anywhere near to SMS based advertising in near future. By “near future” I meant minimum 4-5 years.

Profiling audiences: Company who will own biggest database of users and their profiles are going to rule the space. The profile should include but are not limited to:

  • Demography
  • Spending
  • Usage
  • Behavioral informations

Some of these information’s are available with operators but privacy is going to stop them from selling these datas. Well, I am not that sure on this. With proper profiling consumers could be targeted precisely thus giving higher ROI to the advertisers.

Spam Filters: Mobile email is going to be bigger then emails meant for PC in near future. The biggest hurdle in mobile email’s success is going to be spam mails. So free email provider with best spam filter will rule mobile email space.

To Be continued…



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