Be Assertive, Not Aggressive


Assertiveness is essential in our daily lives. We can get things done if we are assertive. Of course, we must ensure that we are not aggressive. Whatever has to be said has to state in clear and matter-of-fact terms and not in an abusive manner.

Assertive Aggressive
Why one must be assertive?
In all spheres of our professional lives, we have to be assertive. It is a competitive world today. One faces many challenges in one’s work arena. Also one has to deal with all kinds of people. Some may be helpful and cooperative and others may not be so helpful. It may not be very easy to convince some people. At times your views may not be acceptable to the other person. Only if one is assertive can one get one’s way?

Difference between assertiveness and aggressive
When one is aggressive one tends to be rude and can also use abusive language. Being assertive, on the other hand, means being polite and firm. If one is rude one gets nowhere. Nobody likes an abusive person.

Sweet conversation appeals to a person. A person will be convinced if he or she is spoken to politely, but firmly. He or she must feel that another person is not forcing him or her to do anything, but giving him or her choice to decide whatever is best for him or her.

A firm “Yes” or ” No” can mean a lot in one’s association with other people. How one says it matters.

Advantages of being assertive

  • One is able to get one’s way.
  • One can convince the other person very emphatically.
  • Business deals can often be settled.
  • Reflects confidence.
  • Indicates decisiveness.

Disadvantages of being assertiveness

  • At times if not properly conveyed, then one considers it to be rudeness.
  • It can also reflect over-confidence.
  • Can prove to be counter-productive.
  • One may appear to be arrogant.

It is essential for a person to be assertive in one’s life or else everybody will trample upon him or her. One has to be firm about things and not give easily to everything that another person wants him or her to do.


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