5 Tips for Making Failure a Winning Game


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We all like to win. Losing out means failure and failure can cause much disappointment and unhappiness. This is the normal reaction of a person who fails to win a race or game or achieve his or her set targets.

Winning means excitement, thrill and a feeling of positivity that even in the future one could be successful. Failure can lead to negativity as one would feel diffident about trying again. He or she may not be sure whether they would win again. Should this be so? Can one take advantage of failure and be a winner again? Why not? Let us express a few thoughts about this.

How to make a success of failure?

  • One must take things in one’s stride. One must not give up but continue to persist even if one fails.
  • Despite failure one must remain positive in one’s outlook. One must feel that one will win again despite the setback.
  • One must learn from one’s mistakes. The same mistakes must not be committed.
  • Failure must be taken as a stepping stone to win again. It must motivate you further to take necessary action to rectify the situation and thus be a winner.
  • Failure is also necessary in order to know what success is. You can enjoy the fruits of success if you have experienced the hardships of failure.

Is failure inevitable?
In any venture or assignment one undertakes one does experience failure at times or is likely to experience failure. The fear of failure is always there. Failure is part of one’s life. We are not always successful in what we do, yet the setback we experience makes us perform better. Some may give up, but true winner will continue to make efforts till he or she wins.

How to overcome psychological fear of losing?
Often people who are less confident are afraid of losing out. This attitude can make them lose a game or nor achieve what they have set to do. One must not feel that they would lose and also at the same time not be afraid of being a loser. The fear of being a loser can lower their confidence levels. One must be sure of one’s abilities. Over-confidence is not advisable. At the same time one must be prepared for failure.

Failure must be a stepping stone to be winner. It must lead you on to the road of success.


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