10 Valuable Tips to keep Spirits High during Recession


Recession is a tough time for working professionals, particularly those who get laid off. Presently, recession is a world wide phenomenon affecting thousands of people worlds over. It is trying times for them. They have no way out, but to bear it. Countries world over are trying their level best to provide relief to their citizens, but it will take time to provide it.

Employees are losing jobs or are being paid less then what they should be normally earning. The management is harsh on them. They are interested only in cutting costs, but fail to realize that the laid off person has families to take care of and the income he or she receives from them is required to sustain their families. Naturally, all this sounds very depressing. Some are unable to cope with the pressure and are committing suicide. Sudden loss of income is unbearable.

The question that arises in this demoralizing situation is how to keep one’s spirits high?
Let us consider a few suggestions that could help us to overcome these trying times.

How to keep spirits high during recession?, How to Fight recession?

  • One must keep a positive attitude at all cost. One must realize that this is a temporary situation, and very soon the scenario will change. Lost jobs will again be available.
  • Cut down on unnecessary expenditure as you have to rely either on your savings or income from some odd job, which would obviously be less.
  • See if you can sharpen your professional skills. This would keep your mind occupied with constructive activity and professionally also you will benefit.
  • Try to socialize a lot as you will understand the situation better. You will be able to take better decisions for future course of action.
  • Take up any odd job which provides you some income as you will feel productive. Your self-esteem will also improve as you will be earning something.
  • One has to be motivated in performing well despite no additional perks or pay rise as one will eventually either land up a better job or perhaps the present company may be in better position later on to reward you for your efforts.
  • Do not neglect our work on hand due to demoralized feelings as you may lose out on the present assignment. The job may not be to your expectations as of now, but it is better than not having any job.
  • Share you’re your feelings with a close friend or confidante. Pent up feelings could harm you.
  • Be on the search for a better job. Do not lose hope. It gives you a better insight into the job market scenario.
  • Keep your mind occupied with hobbies so that your do not feel low and de-motivated. You have to be in proper frame of mind for your next assignment.

Beating recession is tough. No doubt, your standard of living comes down and you could feel very, very upset and de-motivated. Yet, you need to hope for a better future. Be brave and withstand the pressure as in the end you will be the winner.



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