PDawn – 2 column widget enabled WP Theme


PDawn - 2 column widget enabled WP ThemePDawn is a 2 column widget enabled wordpress Theme that is simple and usable. “Dawn” as the name suggests is just right for positive forward looking blogs. Search box is kept in top right to give additional room in sidebar. Other things goes like a regular wordpress theme. Font used in the theme is large enough for maximum readability. The sidebar could be easily changed if you have installed widgets. If not then you could download one from automattic.com/code/widgets.

The image at the top is taken from SXC website.

The demo for the theme is available here. Feel free to download PDawn here.



  1. I love this theme but when I try to use it, WordPress tells me the theme is not widget-aware. I just get the error message instead of the widget selection page under “presentation.” I am using 2.2 so I don’t understand what the problem is. Can you help? Thx.

  2. Hi, I just downloaded this great theme. I’m using WordPress 2.0.7 through my hosting company. I installed the automattic widget through the link you provided. It is installed and working. I get the menu option under presentation when choosing the themes that came with wordpress but it doesn’t show for PDawn. Can you offer me any help?

    Thanks in advance,


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