The Importance of Innovation in Entrepreneurship


Innovation in Entrepreneurship
The economy is composed of enterprises and businesses. Our economy has survived because the industry leaders had been able to adapt to the changing times and supplied mostly the communities’ needs. Any small business is integral to the economy. Without it, our economy would not survive. But a business must also sustain itself, be able to constantly evolve to fulfill the demands of the community and the people. In every business, it is imperative to be industrious, innovative and resourceful.

Entrepreneurship produces financial gain and keeps the economy afloat, which gives rise to the importance of innovation in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are innovators of the economy. It is not just the scientist who invents and come up with the solutions.

The importance of innovation in entrepreneurship is shown by coming up with new way to produce a product or a solution. A service industry can expand with another type of service to fulfill the ever changing needs of their clients. Producers can come up with another product from the raw materials and by-products.

The importance of innovation in entrepreneurship is another key value for the longevity of a business. Entrepreneurs and businesses began with a need. They saw the need within the community and among themselves that they have come up with a solution. They seize the opportunity to innovate to make the lives more comfortable. And these solutions kept evolving to make it better, easier and more useful. Entrepreneurs must keep themselves abreast with the current trends and demands. Manufacturers are constantly innovating to produce more without sacrificing the quality.

Companies and enterprises keep innovation as part of their organization. Innovations contribute to the success of the company. Entrepreneur, as innovators, see not just one solution to a need. They keep coming up with ideas and do not settle until they come up with multiple solutions. Innovation is extremely important that companies often see their employees’ creativity as a solution. They come up with seminars and trainings to keep their employees stimulated to create something useful for others and in turn, financial gain for the company.

Other factors that raises the importance of innovation in entrepreneurship is competition. It stimulates any entrepreneur to come up with something much better than their competition in a lower price, and still be cost-effective and qualitative.

Small businesses see the importance of innovation in entrepreneurship. They were able to compete with large industry and see their value in the economy. Small businesses are important as they are directly involved in the community and therefore, contribute to their financial and economic gain. These small businesses know exactly what community needs and fulfill them. All things start small.

Innovation is important not just in entrepreneurship. As individuals, we are innovators by adapting well to our needs and create our own solutions. Entrepreneurs are the same. The innovation in entrepreneurship helped the country by changing with the times and producing new products and service from ones that already exists. And, being innovative has helped us become successful in all our endeavors.



  1. Amitabh, great article and the line below is genius! Is this your own or did someone else say it?

    “Entrepreneurs are innovators of the economy. It is not just the scientist who invents and come up with the solutions.”


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