How does Initiative help Business?

Posted by on October 21, 2009 in Entrepreneurship

To achieve results in business, one must have the necessary initiative to do things. High initiative would mean higher results. If the desire to do business is not there, then obviously one cannot make a success of the venture.

What is initiative?
The drive to achieve results is initiative. One must have the urge to perform well and reach the set goals. Targets have to be achieved and without initiative one cannot do so. Even athletes have a lot of initiative to win the game. They gear themselves up well by practicing hard and determining to reach the finish line successfully. Such initiative makes them perform well.

How does initiative help business?

Does the manager require initiative to do things?
Certainly, a manager must show the initiative to attain results. He or she has to instill initiative in other staff members to perform well. A lack-luster approach can result in fewer profits and in fact even the business can wind up. Initiative must be high to attain positive results.

Initiative is very essential to run a business. Success in business venture can be achieved if all the staff members show much initiative in performing well.


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