Are Men more likely to be Entrepreneurs than Women?


women entrepreneur

In earlier days men were more enterprising and daring to take on business. In fact, business was considered to be their bastion as it was generally felt that they had the requisite qualities to take on business. Now the scenario has changed. Women have also entered the fray and are equally doing well.

Women entrepreneurs are also a force to reckon with now. One cannot say that men are only likely to set up business establishments. Women are also willing to take up such challenges.

Why women want to do business?

  • Women are becoming more independent and self- reliant. They like to earn their own livelihood and business seems to be a good option.
  • Business is more challenging than a job. Women can decide things for themselves and the returns in terms of profits are very good.
  • As women entrepreneurs the time at their disposal allows them to take care of their family responsibilities. They are free to decide what their timings at work can be.
  • No need to be subservient to the demands of boss. They are the boss themselves.
  • Provides immense satisfaction to have their own setup. They take pride in doing business independently.

Do men accept women as co-workers?
Initially, there was resistance as male chauvinism prevailed. Now men have accepted women on equal terms. They are willing to do business with them.

Women do not rely on men to take decisions. They take them independently. They have successfully shown that they can also deliver the goods.

The belief that men are more business oriented than women is now not acceptable. It is not unfeminine to do business. Both men and women are willing to take up the challenges that come along the way in doing business.


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