10 Quotes from Entrepreneurial Genius That Might Change Your Life



Below are some of the quotes from all time famous entrepreneurs destined for people who are ready to pursue their dreams.

  1. Henry Ford(Ford Motor Company): Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.
  2. Gabrielle(Coco) Chanel(House of Chanel): Synthesize to Success by attacking Weakness.
  3. Jean Paul Getty(Oil Tycoon): Test the Limits – Big Wins demand Big Risks
  4. Buckminster Fuller(Dymaxion): Chase a Vision, Never Money
  5. Sam Moore Walton(Wal-Mart): If It Ain’t Broke, Break it
  6. Hugh Marston Hefner(Playboy): Start with the Answer – Reality or Fantasy
  7. Henry Ray (Ross) Perot(EDS): Believe and the world will follow you – Anywhere
  8. Martha Kostyra Stewart(Living Omnimedia): Passionate perfection is the path to power
  9. Donald Trump: To be Big, Think Big – Real Big
  10. Jeffrey Bezos(Amazon.com): Avoid Instant Gratification

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