10 Effective Convincing Techniques for Business deals


business dealsIn today’s fast business world, we need to get our ideas across well and effectively. Making deals, undoing them require very effective communication skills, such as the ability to convince a person to accept a particular deal or concept. Business runs on convincing techniques.

People do not accept your ideas so easily. They doubt them, test them and see if they are of any use to them. The person selling the ideas has to come across as a genuine person who is interested in the progress and benefit of the other party. He or she has to convince the party that he or she has no selfish motive in striking a deal and that the other party’s interests are uppermost in his or mind.

Business deals require convincing skills. The seller has to convince the buyer about the product on hand. Any company promoting its products has to convince the people that its products are of high standard. Unless and until the other person is sure of what he or she is getting into, it is difficult to for him or her to accept anything.

What convincing techniques one needs to adopt for Business deals?

  • One must be sure of the product or idea one is selling. Any hesitation can deter the person from accepting the idea.
  • One must be sure of what one is saying. If one vacillates, then one will lose out on the person. He or she will not believe in your word.
  • One must be truthful. The other person must trust you. Faith in a person is essential.
  • In case, he has pre- conceived notions about what you have to say, then you have to try to make him disbelief what he or she firmly believes in.
  • One must be confident and assertive about what one is saying.
  • One must be persistent. It takes time to convince a person.
  • You must get your facts correct. In case, what you say has no truthful basis, then the other person may not believe in your word.
  • One must not underestimate the other person. One must be fully aware that the person one is dealing with is also fairly well versed in the subject on hand. He or she is not a novice.
  • Do not be condescending. One must not look down upon the person.
  • Be polite and courteous .It is does not help to lose one’s temper and get agitated about the issue on hand.

Business deals require convincing techniques. A shrewd businessman is one who can convince his or her client and strike a deal. One has to be persuasive, truthful and sincere in getting across a message.


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