Getting into Roots

Top 5 Ways of Preparing to be a Winner

It is not easy to be a winner. It requires much time and effort. One has to prepare to be a winner. Reaching your set targets and goals require the will to reach them. Many successful people have worked hard to reach the top. It is a rough ride of […]


Washing your Hands – How Hard Could It Be?

Washing your hands, how hard could it be? And why do we care? In this day of the sudden deaths of teens with meningitis; skin-eating “strep” infections, and antibiotic resistant bacteria stalking our hospitals hand washing takes on a truly functional role in all our lives. So, how hard can […]


Top 7 Ways of Winning over your Opponent

Opponents are there always in any field. One has to face up to the challenge. A person who can win over his or her opponents can be very successful in life. This is not so easy. It requires a certain kind of bent of mind, whereby you are able to […]


Mall Culture in India during Recession

Mall culture is a new phenomenon in the India market scenario. Growing Westernization and the entry of multi-nationals has brought in the concept of consumerism. The IT industry has provided young people with fantastic pay packages, which they would like to spend on purchasing goods. Where else they would go, […]


Winning Strategies – Zeal to Win

Everybody wants to win. In a race, you would like to be first. In a business venture, you would like to make the highest profit. In sports event you would like to win the coveted cup. In other words you would always like to be winner. But is it easy […]


How to Win over Your Enemy?

In every venture one has to face up to opposition from one’s enemies. Even in personal life, one comes across those who are not your well wishers. In many situations rather than confronting your enemies, it is better to win them over. One must avoid increasing the number of enemies. […]


Top 5 Ways of Balancing the Budget During Recession

Recession is a tough time for any homemaker. One has to sacrifice on many things. Settling for comforts is itself a difficult thing leave alone luxuries. The home budget has to be balanced. One has to get the maximum mileage of it. Not an easy task to stretch the budget. […]


Top 10 Ways to Overcome hurdles in life

Top 10 Ways to Overcome hurdles in life

Life is full of hurdles. One has to overcome many difficulties that arise off and on. One would like a smooth life, but that is not how it is. In reality, one has to deal with all kinds of problems be it financial or social. In case, one is able […]


Saving Pennies during Economic Recession/Job Loss

Recession is a difficult time for all of us. Losing jobs can be traumatic. One’s standard of level gets a tremendous jolt and the fear of not being able to meet both ends is there. Depression sets in for some, whereas others try to fight it out. Naturally, stretching one’s […]


Top 10 Ways to be a Winner

Top 10 Ways to be a Winner

Everybody wants to be a winner in life. He or she would like to be in the forefront. To be first in a race or for that matter in the work arena as well, one would find the challenge worthwhile. For an athlete, for example, to win the cup is […]