10 Essentials of Guerrilla Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Guerrilla marketing is of much benefit to companies as well as entrepreneurs as it attracts, time and energy as well as imagination rather than money. This type of marketing is interactive, unexpected and unconventional. It basically refers to unconventional ideas concerning marketing in order to get maximum returns at minimum […]


10 Reasons why some Nations are Rich

10 Reasons why some Nations are Rich

Wealth in the world is not equally distributed. Some nations are very rich whereas others are very poor. The Western nations such as the US, West Germany, UK are very prosperous. On the other hand, economically poor countries such as those in the African continent and India, Pakistan are lagging […]


Why International Trade? – Advantage and Disadvantage

Countries cannot live in isolation. They have to mutually share their prosperity, technical know-how and undertake trade in order to sell their surplus products. The world economy is inter-dependent. Economic progress of a nation would depend upon its ties with other countries. How does a country benefit from trade relations? […]


Top 5 ways for an Utopian one World

The world’s wealth and natural resource are not equitably distributed in the sense some countries are rich whereas some are poor. True, each country is independent of the other country and would like to enjoy its own prosperity rather than share it. Countries like the US have advanced technological innovations […]


The role of Manpower in Business

Staff plays a pivotal role in any business venture. Without adequate and supportive manpower a business cannot be successful. The staff should be well skilled and should be able to take on responsibilities with a lot of expertise. Managers run the show. Entrepreneurs delegate work to them and expect them […]


Why and How to Make Profits?

Entrepreneurs invest in order to make profits. Profits are income for them. Some amount they use for their personal needs, and the rest of the amount they re-invest or use it to pay- off loans they may have borrowed. A business venture is considered to be successful when profits pour […]


Bird’s Eye View of the World Economy in Present Times

The status of world economies varies from country to country. Rich nations normally enjoy a flourishing economy whereas poorer nations have to survive trying to meet their basic needs. Recession has no doubt made a dent on the economy of the rich nations as well, but under normal conditions well-to-do […]


Slump in the Market- A Brief Review

Recession is bad times for traders and those interested in the stock market. Things are not what they used to be. Share prices come down, investors hesitate to invest in companies and overall the economy suffers a lot in terms of growth and economic development. Industry suffers and when industrial […]


Top 5 major Economic Effects of Recession on Economy

There is a general economic decline during recession. The economy has a tremendous setback. The purchase of the people comes down due to low salaries or lack of sufficient income. This results in slump in market with goods and services not being availed of by people. Production slows down and […]


Poverty – A Curse

Poverty is curse as far as developing and underdeveloped countries are concerned. Developed countries such as US are not faced with poverty as their population is provided well with material things, food, clothes and shelter. In fact, these countries enjoy luxuries rather than comforts. Developing nations such as India and […]