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Top 50 Rules and Tips for Blog Writing

Top 50 Rules and Tips for Blog Writing

How to select topics for a Blog? Choose a topic which people are searching for Choose a topic that matters to your readers Restrict your topics within 12 to 15 words Keep the most important words in the beginning of the topic which should clearly outline the content of the […]


Browser Freezes when I try to make a New Post

Well, this is what I faced on one of my wordpress blog hosted on yahoo server. It was running 2.1 and suddenly yahoo auto upgraded it to wordpress 2.8.5. After the sudden upgrade, it was very difficult (nearly impossible) to make new posts. The browser was freezing. There was 1000s […]


Advantages and Disadvantages of Automated Blogging

Automated blogging involves setting up a blog account and enabling the content of the blog page to be updated automatically. This system of blogging has become very popular especially among bloggers who have busy schedules. This is because bloggers can simply activate automated blogging and input the keyword they want […]


Top 15 mistakes bloggers make

Let’s directly get down to the list: No regular updates Rushing a post without proper research Copying content from other blogs/websites No visible link for RSS Feeds Writing for search engines Not replying to comments Not targeting a Niche Managing multiple blogs without balance Not having clear boundaries Not having […]