Can poverty be eradicated completely?


The world is not all that perfect. Economic disparities exist among nations. Many countries are poor. People are living in abject poverty. Countries like India and Pakistan are unable to feed their population. Many suffer from malnutrition and disease. Why is this so?

Why does poverty exist?
Poverty is indeed a curse. People suffering from it are unable to meet their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter as well as medical help. They experience hunger and are unable to change their circumstances as they remain in a vicious cycle which is difficult to be undone.

Lopsided economic development within a country and neglect of dealing with economic backwardness has led to poverty. Over population is another cause. Several developing and under developed countries do not pursue economic policies rigorously to eradicate poverty.

How can poverty be tackled?

  • Policies to eradicate poverty must be pursued rigorously.
  • Population growth must be controlled.
  • Equitable distribution of wealth within the country as well as within nations.
  • Education for all.
  • Employment opportunity for both literate as illiterate people.
  • Subsidies.

Why is poverty a curse?
Poverty is a curse as many people are poor and are unable to meet both their ends. They are unable to survive even on bare minimum. Many people remain hungry as they are food needs are not met. Their purchasing power is nil and they cannot purchase food, shelter and clothing.

Malnutrition is very common among the masses and disease spreads quickly. Medical facilities are almost nil or not up to the standard. Most children are deprived of education and are forced to work in appalling conditions. Unemployment results in poverty. Work opportunities are minimal. Daily wager earners do not find work.

Poverty restricts the growth of the individual. He or she who is living in abject poverty cannot contribute to the society in any way. He or she is a burden on society. It is not his fault though. The respective Government has failed to provide adequate facilities for his mental and physical growth.

Much needs to be done by the respective Governments to eradicate poverty. The progress of a country depends upon what comforts are provided by the respective Governments to their people. Poverty can be completely eradicated in case the right economic measures are adopted.



  1. Grace Chisholm on

    No! poverty will not go away because the people who have are the ones who get the help. When you are poor you are stigmatise. 1)No one trust you. 2) you are kept back and people thinks that you cannot be poor and be honest. This is not so. Poor people do have values, empathy,and good ideas and all they need at times, is someone believing in them.

  2. Sir Alfred Masokola on

    i have heard on number of occasions foreign countries praising Botswana but have you seen how people are suffering here? very poor. for my country i dont think poverty will ever being eradicated because they are no government measures and policies which are really aimed at eradicating poverty. botswana is one the countries with lazy leaders and illiteracy is high here, leaders take advantages of this by influencing this people to vote for them.

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