The role of Manpower in Business


Staff plays a pivotal role in any business venture. Without adequate and supportive manpower a business cannot be successful. The staff should be well skilled and should be able to take on responsibilities with a lot of expertise. Managers run the show. Entrepreneurs delegate work to them and expect them to act on their behalf.

What kind of staff one should have?

  • Skilled staff is very essential.
  • Well qualified and well versed with business is essential.
  • Managers should be able to shoulder responsibilities.
  • Expertise is essential. Each manager should be well versed in particular area of work.
  • A dedicated staff and well committed to work is necessary.
  • Integrity and honesty is essential.
  • Should be able to attain targets and set goals.
  • Should not indulge in wasteful expenditure.
  • Loyalty is essential.
  • Team spirit is required.

How to maximize the staff contribution to work?

  • Motivate the staff. It helps to improve their morale.
  • Make sure they are comfortable in their work place. They must be provided with the required amenities so that their work does not appear burdensome.
  • Staff should be provided with necessary benefits. They must feel that their work is worth performing. Not only the entrepreneur should gain, but also the employee should benefit.
  • Self-respect is very essential. The employee should be treated well. He must not be treated as a slave.
  • The staff should also share in the profits if possible. Yearly bonus apart from his or her salary is added income for him or her.
  • Appreciation. Hard work and dedicated effort should be appreciated.
  • Leisure time should be provided for extra-curricular activities. He or she should also be given time to take off from work, so that he or she can go on a holiday. A change of scene refreshes the mind.
  • One must listen to the woes of the employees. Understanding their difficulties in performing the task is essential.

Employer and employee relationship has to be maintained on mutual self-respect. The entrepreneurship requires a well-equipped manpower that can deliver the goods. He or she has to ensure the well-being of the staff.


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